What to ask your parquet supplier

How to choose the parquet. What to ask your supplier?


Choosing the right parquet must be very careful. It is important to choose the right parquet style to best enhance the environment you are furnishing, whether it is an interior or an exterior, a completely private place or a shop or company. This is why the comparison with a professional in the sector is essential.

The floor is an essential element that influences the aesthetics of the rooms, for the light it returns, for the colors that define it, for the sensation of warmth that it must emanate.

When then you are confronted with a parquet professional it is good to pay attention to the characteristics of the wooden floor that he proposes to you. The technical information, the type of material, the aesthetic result, the light and the sensation under your feet, the value for money: these are all important characteristics in the final choice of your floor. Asking right and targeted questions, therefore, is your mission when you contact an expert in the sector.

First of all, let’s assume that not all essences are right for you. Do you have a bright, dark house? You have children? Do you have pets in the house? It all depends on the characteristics not only of the house but also of the lifestyle. Each essence, each wood adapts to a purpose and a style. And again: what characteristics does parquet have, how thick is it, how many layers? Is it okay for my apartment?

And last but not least, address the budget issue. Don’t be afraid to indicate the maximum price range that we can afford. In this way, indeed, we will be able to have even more clear ideas on where to orient ourselves.

The choice of parquet must be a convinced and definitive choice because that will be the floor that you will have under your feet for many years.