Proper care and maintenance of parquet

Care and maintenance of the parquet


What are the rules to follow for proper parquet care and maintenance? It is the most recurring question of those who are preparing to buy a new parquet. But the care of the wooden floor does not necessarily have to be a nightmare: it is enough to have only the right little daily precautions.


Maintenance can be divided into ordinary and extraordinary. Ordinary maintenance is that of every day, made up of small attentions, such as placing a doormat at the entrance to the house in order to remove abrasive particles, dust and pebbles from the soles of the shoes; cover the feet and legs of tables and chairs with felt pads; frequently use the vacuum cleaner or a dust-catching cloth. Finally, wash the parquet 2-3 times a week with a soft, damp and well-wrung cloth and proceed with movements that follow the grain of the wood. To wash the parquet just use water or at most mix it with specific detergent products for parquet.

Extraordinary maintenance is an exceptional intervention that serves to give new splendor to the parquet after years and years of continuous trampling. Occasionally it is good to pass a layer of wax (especially for wax-finished parquet) and allow it to be absorbed by the wood, in order to create a surface protection. To remove the old wax it will be sufficient to wipe a specific product with a rag and then rinse. After years of use, then, you can proceed with the sanding and finishing. Sanding involves physically removing a very thin layer of parquet.