parquet massello o prefinito

Differences between solid and pre-finished parquet

In recent years, parquet has returned to the heart of the desires of many people who want a touch of style, warmth, functionality and charm for their home. Undoubtedly, due to its thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics, parquet is a very popular type of flooring. And with a renewed style, the parquet is now suitable for both rustic and hyper-modern environments, crossing the country style and industrial.

But we must pay attention to the different types of parquet on the market.

There are mainly two macro categories of wooden flooring chosen by users: solid parquet and pre-finished parquet. But what are the differences between these two types of parquet?

First of all it is important to reiterate that the thickness of the noble wood markedly marks the difference between real and fake parquet. In fact, only those with a thickness of the upper layer of at least 2.5 mm can be defined as parquet. Having said that, let’s move on to the differences.


Solid wood parquet

Solid wood parquet is the most valuable type as it is made entirely of noble wood. A single block that can reach up to 2.2 centimeters and mounted on support materials. A type of compact product, durable and beautiful to look at but also rather unstable. In fact, despite its great insulating properties, the durability of the material (which being often can be sanded several times to make it come back to life), solid parquet needs the utmost care, both in daily treatment and in great care not to make it undergo profound changes in temperature and humidity, elements to which it is very sensitive.


Pre-finished wood parquet

A parquet that has nothing to envy from an aesthetic and functional level to solid wood. The pre-finished parquet are composed of several layers of wood where only the surface layer is made of noble wood. With the same beauty of the final essence, which also in this case can be very thick for a longer duration over time, the pre-finished parquet has greater stability, an excellent quality / price ratio and lower costs for installation, as requires simpler processing.